Fully integrated Solar generation and Storage solutions

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Sun Power Renewables

Go Solar and save on your monthly electricity bills!!

Sun Power Renewables is a leading alternative energy IPP & EPCM provider with an immediate focus on grid-connected and rooftop solar projects in India.

Sun Power Renewables offers affordable solar leasing solutions to commercial, industrial and residential customers. With a solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA), the customer doesn’t have to pay the high upfront cost of panels, equipment, and installation. Instead of paying for a solar system, you pay a fixed monthly amount to install solar panels and use the electricity they generate. It’s easy and affordable.

Considering the structural change of the energy market toward the increasingly decentralised production of electricity, we have developed a range of products through our development teams in Australia to address the “last mile” part of the market. We are actively promoting renewable energy-related products and or solutions to enable optimised, cost-effective production and storage of electricity for end users.

Our all in one solution with an in-built Inverter, UPS, PV charger, and Li-Ion battery pack can be integrated with Solar PV, as well as the Grid. We offer a variety of solutions ranging from 400watts to 50kwh for Residential. Commercial, Industrial and Off-grid applications. In case of higher requirements, customized solutions can be built to suit the varied needs.

Our products have a sleek and compact design, differentiating us from the other products available in the market. The efficiency and life cycle of our products gives us a distinct advantage over other Lead Acid battery inverters and Diesel generators.